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Asics gel Nimbus review

Oct 3, 2017


Asics gel Nimbus review

It’s only 40 days left of training for the Belfast city marathon and as a reward or carrot on a stick I had promised myself a new pair of trainers. As I always say to patients wear the appropriate footwear for what you plan to do and don’t scrimp on price as your footwear is the only thing between you and the road.

For my particular foot type Asics is my go to brand and given the distance of a half marathon a top end cushioned/neutral shoe is required. That top end cushioned/ neutral trainer is the Asics Gel Nimbus.

Named after a cloud these trainers surely do provide a level of cushioning and weighing only 255 grams you certainly wont be held back. A plush fit with no internal stitching or ribs to irritate the typical foot anatomy.

Asics fluid ride technology and impact guidance line ensures that ground reaction forces are dissipated reducing tissue stress in the foot and higher up the kinetic chain. The nimbus also provides the midfoot with greater protection with its trusstic system.

The heel counter is stiff and hugs the calcaneum ensuring greater rear foot control. Although not classed as a stability trainer I have always felt that Nimbus offers a good level of stabilisation without compromising on comfort. Again Nimbus has a reputation for durability so despite all the soft comfortable materials you can expect to have many, many miles clocked up before your next trip to the trainer store.

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