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Steroid Injection CPD course Dublin

Oct 18, 2018


Steroid Injection CPD course Dublin

Although I have injected hundreds, if not by now, over a thousand foot and ankle patients it is still essential to update current practice and upskill with new techniques.

This weekend I travel to Dublin to spend two days with doctors and surgeons for CPD regarding steroid injections. This will be a great opportunity to discuss complex cases and treatments to ensure best patient outcomes.

This is a great opportunity to liaise with a range of specialists working in the field of Orthopaedic and musculoskeletal medicine. I will be flying the flag for Podiatry detailing the benefits of orthotic and steroid injections. I’m looking forward to the discussions around high volume injections for Achilles tendonopathy.

A lot of work on a weekend but meeting up with old friends should prove eventful!Ardboe Foot Clinic Steroid Injection

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