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I was suffering from achilles tendinopathy for over 3 months.  I spoke with my physio and after undergoing a rehab programme for many weeks, the issue failed to fully resolve.  She referred me to Jarlath McGurk and I can’t recommend him enough.  He was the utmost professional and was able to explain why I was feeling pain.  My orthotics were tailor made using advanced technology and they have given me instant relief.  I am able to continue training and playing at the highest level of sport.

Sarah Marley, Armagh County GAA

I was suffering from knee and lower back pains for months and could not get free from injury. Eventually I was getting to the stage where I had to stop training. Then I was recommended Jarlath Mcgurk. He immediately was able to tell that my pain was coming from my feet and moulded me an orthotic insole for my football boots and one for general use. I have been pain free in these areas ever since.

Conor Nevin, 2017 Derry County GAA
Conor Nevin

Many Thanks for the orthotic Insoles from Ardboe foot clinic. I am really pleased with them. They have certainly helped my back and ankle stability. I really recommend anyone with back or ankle problems to check it out and see the benefit from having a pair.

David Mulgrew, 2017 Tyrone GAA
David Mulgrew

“After suffering a lot of pain in my knees and hips after every training session and match, I decided to visit Ardboe Foot Clinic. I was diagnosed immediately and was measured for a set of orthotics. The effect was immediate and I haven’t suffered any pain since”
Michael Forbes, 2004 Elite Club NI Player